Important Message From the Authors:

Few decisions in life rise to the level of importance as that of finding and selecting your next pastor or staff member for your church. Few people have the experience and insight to know how the search process works or why some items are far more important than they appear on the surface.

We live in a DIY (Do it yourself) world and people are far more competent than ever before. But, having the tools is not the same as having the knowledge. Most people own a wrench, hammer, and screwdriver but will not repair their washing machine or AC unit.

While we have provided many tools on this website, consider using each one in conjunction with the book, How to Find the Right Pastor. In the book, there are exclusive insights, checklists, interim job descriptions, two chapters of interview questions (general and scenario), and a list of 64 unwritten expectations most churches do not even think about.

Praying for your search process,

Ron and David

Free downloadable forms

The PDFs below provide easy tools to help evaluate, compare, and rank your candidates. Refer to the chapters in section two of How To Find the Right Pastor. You will also find a church assessment which should be done first to ensure your congregation and candidate match. See Chapter 34 for how to use the Pastor/Staff Profile Comparison Chart. The forms should be used in addition to the book, where there are more exclusive resources and principles to further enhance your search process. You have the option of downloading and using the PDFs as either print or digital forms (the PDFs are also available to purchase as a set with photocopying rights and will be mailed directly to you).

  • Church Assessment

    Reference Chapters 10 and 24 in the book.

  • Pastor/Staff Profile

    Reference Chapters 13-22 in the book.

  • Pastor/Staff Candidate Questionnaire

    Reference Chapters 13-24 & 27-34 in the book.

  • Pastor/Staff Profile Comparison Chart

    Reference Chapter 34 in the book.

  • Communication Evaluation Sheet

    Reference Chapter 40 in the book.

  • Pastor/Staff Profile (Sample)

    Reference Chapters 13-22 in the book.

  • Purchase the reproducible forms bundle

    This forms bundle includes:

    • 15 Pastor/Staff Profiles
    • 7 Sample Pastor/Staff Profiles
    • 15 Pastor/Staff Profile Comparison Charts
    • 21 Communiaction Evaluation Sheets
    • 3 Church Assessments
    • 8 Pastor Questionnaires

    All are color copied on 2 sided pages (total copies 281 on 141 pieces of paper).

    These forms are best used alongside the book.

    Buy Forms Bundle 

“The clear, step-by-step process in this book will help our search committees know how to get started right to proceed in a mutually understandable process. This book will help our churches truly find the right pastor and will be the standard for best practices with our pastor-search committees.”

— Dr. Bruce McCoy | Author of The Reluctant Peacemaker Baptist General Convention of Texas, Dallas, Texas