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How to Find the Right Pastor Book (Single copy)

A ministry leader and a Christian attorney combine their skills to help your search committee find just the right pastor for your church. This book covers five phases of the search process: 1) Prepare for Your Search, 2) Build the Profile, 3) Finding and Narrowing to Your Top 3 to 5 Candidates, 4) First Interviews With Top 3 to 5 Candidates, and finally 5) Top Candidate Visit and the Vote. You will discover and identify the issues most likely to cause tension later. Explore key categories of review like the biblical criteria expected, education expectations, geographical predispositions, work and ministry experience, spouse expectations, kid-related issues, involvement within the church leadership, social organizations, political involvement, and so much more.

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  • This book will save pulpit committees countless hours of unproductive “wheel spinning.” It should be the first investment in the pursuit of a new pastor.

    Dr. Mark L. Bailey

    Chancellor and Sr. Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

  • "How to Find the Right Pastor" is invaluable! Every church should have this book in their library for when the time comes.

    Dr. Frank Harber

    President and Chief Legal Counsel, Defending The Faith Alliance

  • "How to Find the Right Pastor" helps reduce anxiety during transitional periods between pastors. The book’s process reduces some of the anxiety as its comprehensive scope pushes you to ask the right questions in any church context.

    Barry Raper, D.Min.

    Associate Dean, Welch Divinity School

    Pastor, Bethel Free Will Baptist Church