Ron Hunter and David Gibbs provide a wise, biblical, and practical step-by-step journey for helping churches meet one of their greatest needs: a pastoral leader who fits their congregation, culture, and community. As a pastor who has recently walked through an intensive pastoral search process, this book will not only serve as a helpful roadmap for search teams and church leaders but will also benefit the candidates themselves who are making the life-changing decision of where to serve for the next chapter of their ministry.

— Jay Strother, D.Ed. | Min.Senior Pastor, Brentwood Baptist Church | Brentwood, Tennessee

“I’ve been a lead pastor for over 30 years and have been involved in many staff hirings. How to Find the Right Pastor is a resource I wish had been in print three decades ago.”

— Dr. Jeff Manning | Lead Pastor at Unity Church | Greenville, North Carolina

“The process of seeking and calling a new pastor is one of the most challenging“roads” that a church will ever find itself traveling. In How to Find the Right Pastor, Ron Hunter and David Gibbs lay out the perfect “roadmap” for successfully navigating this often-treacherous journey from beginning to end. Well organized, concise, and yet comprehensive, I can’t recommend this book enough for any pastoral search committee as they embark on their task of calling a new pastor.”

— Jim Lemons, Ph.D. | Professor of Theological Studies and Leadership Director, Master of Arts in Theological Studies, Dallas Baptist University

How to Find the Right Pastor is the most thorough work on this subject that I have ever read. Ron Hunter Jr. and David Gibbs III have done an invaluable service to our churches by writing this easy-to-read, “A to Z” tutorial on this extremely important subject. Mandatory reading for every church leader in America!”

— Jim McComas | Executive Director/CEO, Free Will Baptist Family Ministries, Greeneville, Tennessee

“A powder keg, with fuse intact, seems to come packaged with the process of choosing a new pastor. The search committee is handed a book of matches, while the church holds its breath. I highly recommend every church and search committee hold this book instead. David Gibbs and Ron Hunter have written a guidebook, based on years of practical wisdom and experience. Their guidance will defuse the process, saving the candidate, the committee, and the church from imminent danger.”

— Dr. Stephen Davey | Pastor/Teacher, The Shepherd’s Church | Cary, North Carolina | President, Shepherds Theological Seminary | Cary, North Carolina

“Since everything rises and falls on leadership, you must prepare for these crucial conversations. This amazing book prepares leaders as well as the church, school, or ministry to hire right. As you are well aware, there are no do-overs in these critical searches. The five carefully crafted sections allow you to distinguish between emotional decisions and reality.”

— Dr. Jay Strack | President and Founder, Student Leadership University

How to Find the Right Pastor is a much-needed resource for churches and especially helpful for pastoral search committees. It also helps you avoid costly mistakes. One of the real gems of this book is the section on building your profile before beginning your search.”

— Jonathan Denton, Ph.D. | Associate Professor of Christian Studies/Student Ministry | Charleston Southern University

“Search committees are filled with solid Christian leaders who genuinely don’t know where, or how, to begin their work. Now they will. How to Find the Right Pastor will be ‘that book’ that will be in the library of every church and Christian organization for a long time to come.”

— Phil Miller | Director, Center for Church Health Texas Baptists